Meeting with Minister over Academy Funding


Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones today welcomed agreement from the Secretary of State for Education to an urgent meeting to allow him to put the case for the funding of the new buildings for the Nuneaton Academy to Ministers.

The recently elected MP, anxious to improve school standards across Nuneaton and keen to raise the profile of Nuneaton Schools, sees the Academy as an important part of the future improvement of education in Nuneaton. He said:-

“I am raising the issue of education in Nuneaton wherever and whenever I can. We must improve standards across the board and work hard to make sure that we have more good School places across Nuneaton.

The Academy is part of that plan to raise standards. I am therefore delighted that we will have the chance to promote the case for our proposals to Government. I will be taking a small delegation of people who are involved locally at a high level down to London to meet with Ministers so that we can put the strongest possible case for forward.”