Parliament resumed this week after the Whitsun Recess.

Parliament resumed this week after the Whitsun Recess. I have no doubt that the EU Withdrawal Bill will be the main talking point and issue of contention over the next few weeks.

The EU Withdrawal Bill is quite simple. It is designed to repeal the European Communities Act, the legislation which was passed when we originally joined the EU.  The EU Withdrawal Bill will transpose current EU law into our own laws so that our legal system can operate properly once we leave the EU.

To the frustration of the country as a whole a number of Peers in the House of Lords have quite drastically amended the Bill.  In so doing their Lordships have gone way beyond the spirit of what the legislation sets out to achieve and way beyond what the majority voted for at the Referendum.

There are 15 amendments which are coming back to the House of Commons.  Most of these are designed to try and prevent Brexit.  I can assure readers that I will not be supporting amendments that seek to frustrate the will of the majority at the Referendum.

I’m getting quite frustrated that there are some in Parliament and the media who seem to think it’s OK to try and tell the public that they didn’t know what they were voting for in the Referendum. Of course the public knew fully well what they were voting for and the view of the majority should be upheld. That, plain and simple, is democracy.

When the Lords’ amendments come down to the Commons I know that Labour MPs are likely to be made to vote to support them in order to try and damage the Government.  I also hear that Labour MPs are looking at trying to push for a second referendum.

I sincerely hope this is not the case as they themselves stood on a manifesto (as did my own Party) to withdraw from the EU, from the Single Market and from the Customs Union.

If Labour do abandon their election pledges they will be abandoning many of the people in Nuneaton, Hartshill and Arley who voted Labour, but also who voted to leave the EU.

On a far more light-hearted theme, this Sunday we will see the Nuneaton Carnival weaving its way through the streets of Nuneaton. I know that the organisers have experienced some issues with securing lorries to host floats. I really hope these issues are resolved as it would be a great loss not to have as big a carnival as possible.

The Carnival has taken place for over 80 years when many other towns lost their carnivals years ago.  We should do all we can to keep this great tradition alive. I will be taking part and hope that the public will come out again in their usual great numbers to give the event their support.

I would like to thank all the people who give their personal time to organise and work to put this great event on. I hope we get decent weather and Nuneaton has a great day.