When Marcus was elected in 2010 there were over 2,700 people unemployed in Nuneaton. From day one Marcus made the issue of getting people into work a priority. He has run a number of successful jobs fairs and worked with local and regional businesses. He has been delighted to

Marcus has welcomed a 10% fall in crime since 2010 but does not think there is any room for complacency. Marcus works with our local police and has supported Neighbourhood Watch community groups and individuals on a variety of matters relating to crime and anti-social behaviour

Marcus is concerned about traffic chaos across many parts of Nuneaton, Arley and Hartshill and believes Labour’s planning decisions will make things worse. Marcus is speaking to County councillors to ensure necessary road improvements are made in the town centre and across our

Marcus has campaigned to bring better services and facilities for Nuneaton rail passengers. He has recently welcomed new carriages that have been added to the peak time London Midland trains. Despite this progress Marcus is pressing for more capacity and better off peak

Since the Conservatives scrapped Labour’s proposed housing development targets, Marcus has been pressing Labour Councillors to set a fair development target and a fair Borough Plan.

The Labour Council has shown contempt to people across Nuneaton by ignoring their

Both of Marcus’ children were born at the George Eliot and he values local health services and our NHS. Marcus is delighted at the result of his campaign which has secured more money for local health services. We now have 36 doctors and 79 nurses more at the George Eliot than


I firmly believe that enterprising individuals and businesses create...
Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones has reacted with caution to a response that...
I have been conscious since the onset of the credit crunch in 2008...

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