General Election 12 December 2019

Marcus Jones - Conservative     27,390  -  60.6% (+9.0% on 2017)

Labour     14,246  :  41.3% (-9.8%)

Liberal Democrat     1,862  :  4.1% (+2.1% - Lost deposit)

Green     1,692  :  3.8% (+2.1% - Lost deposit)

Thank you for supporting Marcus Jones

General Election result 9 June 2017

Marcus Jones - Conservative     23,755  -  51.6% (+6.0% on 2015)

Labour     19,016  :  41.3% (+6.4%)

UKIP     1,619  :  3.5% (-10.9% - Lost deposit)

Liberal Democrat     914  :  2.0% (+0.2% - Lost deposit)

Green     763  :  1.7% (-1.1% - Lost deposit)

Fox Hunting

A number of passionate constituents have asked for my views on Fox Hunting, and a possible vote to repeal the current Fox Hunting Act, following the forthcoming General Election.

Supporting businesses and creating jobs

I firmly believe that enterprising individuals and businesses create sustainable jobs. Over the last three years, I have made it a priority to engage with micro, small, medium and large businesses both in Nuneaton and in the surrounding area. I regularly support business events from campaigns organised by the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and the Coventry & Warwickshire branch of the Federation of Small Businesses.

New developments & flooding

Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones has reacted with caution to a response that he has received from Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency over flooding concerns and new developments.

Fuel Duty

I have been conscious since the onset of the credit crunch in 2008 people's living standards have been squeezed and for most people their wages have not been increasing in line with inflation. Filling up the family car with petrol has become a greater and greater financial burden for the average family and has put more pressure on small business owners.

Supporting Nuneaton with the Cost of Living

It is, in my view, absolutely vital that as efforts are made to turn our economy around, hard working families and our pensioners are given the support they need during these tough economic times.