EU Withdrawal Bill

Today there will be a series of important votes in the House of Commons where we will vote on amendments made to the EU Withdrawal Bill by members of the House of Lords.

The Bill is quite simple in essence and is designed to repeal the European Communities Act that took us into the EU in 1972, and changes the law to ensure that on day one after Brexit our laws operate in a proper fashion and there are no gaps in the law that would lead to legal ambiguity or uncertainty.

Whilst I did not personally vote to leave the EU, I fundamentally believe in the democratic process, that’s why I voted for a Referendum on the vexed issue of EU membership. Moreover at the last two General Elections I stood on a manifesto committing to respect the will of the people, and follow through on the will of the people following the Referendum result. The people voted to leave and I feel duty bound to follow through on that instruction.

Today I therefore intend to work with the Government to reject, and I hope defeat, a number of Lords amendments that would stop Brexit.